Keep Order in Your Order Hall with World of Warcraft: Legion’s Companion App

World of Warcraft: Legion receives mobile app to access Order Hall features remotely.
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World of Warcraft: Legion only released a week ago, but there’s already new content coming out in the form of a companion app for iOS and Android. Simply called World of Warcraft: Legion Companion the app offers services that will allow you to remotely access and control your character’s Order Hall without needing to access your computer. This is a boon for players at work or away from home for long periods of time who want to be able to keep on top of the time based missions available in Legion.

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The app promises to allow players access to all the important features of the Order Hall. You can access, select and even change your Order research, which allows you to gain special benefits in game for various aspects of the game. Additionally, you will also be able to recruit new minions and followers and assign them and your Champions to the various missions on your Scouting Map. Any rewards you receive will be automatically deposited into your character’s inventory when you log in next time.

An added feature outside of Order Hall is exclusive to players who have achieved level 110. After completing a quest to unlock special content known as World Quests you can view what World Quests are available on the map. Legion‘s companion app will allow you to remotely access this map and see what World Quests are currently available in game. This is great for players looking to find a particular World Quest or just want to stay informed about what’s available to them at any given time.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. World of Warcraft: Legion Companion will be available starting Tuesday September 6th on iOS and Android, free of charge.

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