Today on Kickstarer we look at a Kickstarter for a neat little action platformer with a premise that's probably a first.

Kickstarer: Blubber Busters – A Combat-Oriented Whale Doctor Platformer Now On Kickstarter

Today on Kickstarer we look at a Kickstarter for a neat little action platformer with a premise that's probably a first.
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Hello, and welcome to Kickstarer, where we dig up interesting video game Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns, and stare at them until they exist. Today we will be looking at Blubber Busters, an action-oriented 2D Platformer with a team of indie and AAA veterans working on it, and a creative premise that lends itself to all kinds of new ideas.

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Blubber Busters is being developed by new developer Thar Be Monsters, which as previously mentioned, is composed of a large handful of seasons developers from circles of both AAA gaming and indie gaming alike. Employees of Thar Be Monsters have worked on titles such as League of Legends, Darksiders 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Enter the Gungeon among others.

As for Blubber Busters itself, it is a combat-centric platformer, whereyou choose one of four different playable characters, and seek to cure the illnesses of giant space whales by annihilating them with enormous weaponry. Like many recent indie platformers, Blubber Busters takes strong inspiration from other games like Mega Man X and the Metroid series, what with it’s 2D space exploration and familiar jumping and shooting. 

Blubber Busters’ premise of exploring the insides of space whales in order to make them feel better lends it a great jumping off point for a humorous tongue-in-cheek plot, as well as a detailed and unique visual style, both of which the game evidently takes advantage of. The art-style in particular is a standout feature, being appropriately jagged and gnarly for the space-marines-meet-internal-organs feel they were going for, and the artistic talents of the former Ori and the Blind Forest and Darksiders 2 developers shines through very clearly.

Another special feature present in Blubber Busters is that you are able to swap between the four different characters on the fly for different situations. This opens the game up for a great deal of diversity in combat, as well as puzzles, as the different weapons and abilities between characters, such as wall climbing with Eva the power-armored chef, or burning through barriers with Rudy the Janitor’s flamethrower.   

The game also features uprgradable moves and equipment, as well as upgradable space stations. Treating whale patients will earn you cash, which you can use to upgrade each individual character to improve them in combat, or you can choose to upgrade your space station clinic hub, in order to analyze new infections, get more cutting edge tech, and treat more patients at once.  

Overall, despite it’s familiar looking gameplay, Blubber Busters boasts a number of interesting ideas and is definitely worth at least a look. You can check out the game’s Kickstarter page by clicking here, where there is a free prototype of the game available for download, and you can follow Thar Be Monsters on Twitter by clicking here.

You can also watch the game’s Kickstarter launch trailer down below:

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