League of Keepers Allysium Hits Steam Early Access and Gets a Tournament

To kick start LOKA there will be a cash prize tournament in which each player will earn as many points as possible to win $40,000.
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VRS Production released League of Keepers Allysium (LOKA) on Steam Early Access this month. This MMO (massively multiplayer online) shooter game is set in a devastating future where Allysium, an artificial intelligence created to prevent death, has taken over the chaotic world.

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Players start LOKA as a freedom fighter/Keeper who experiments with technological upgrades to their human body and mind. Throughout the game you are battling and fixing technology, until you become a leader of your own League of Keepers.

Join large fights by creating a battle team of 5 players. Work together as a team and form alliances. Assign positions to create more of a team reliance and become more efficient.

To kick start LOKA, there will be a cash prize tournament which will last 14 days and each player will be allocated 60 hours of playing time to earn as many points as possible.

The total cash prize is $100,000 broken down as:

  • 1st: $40,000
  • 2nd: $20,000
  • 3rd: $10,000

The remaining $30,000 will be distributed between players ranked 4th through 50th place.

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