Lets Take A Look At The Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer

The new Persona 5 gameplay trailer is out. Lets go through it together and see what we can find.
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Atlus released a new trailer for Persona 5 that shows off some of the characters in the game along with what looks like actual gameplay.

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The video opens on a man who looks like some devilishly handsome rogue (stylish thief? Flashy secret agent?) jumping around a casino before exiting through the window and getting blinded by a pair of headlights.

The trailer’s music starts as the credits begin to show some of the people involved with the game, also showing other rogues/thieves/agents hopping around a Japanese train station. We’re then introduced to Igor, a recurring character in the Persona games, accompanied by two young girls dressed as prison guards. Judging by the surroundings, it looks like The Velvet Room this time around is going to have a prison motif.

Cutting ahead we get to see gameplay segments that see our protagonist walking through a subway station filled with hunched over business men, getting chalk thrown at him in class, and hanging out with his associates on an incredibly dirty looking part of (what looks like) Shibuya.

We also get a peek at what the menu is going to look like and good lord it looks way too over-stylized. I mean, I usually adore the style of Persona titles (especially after Persona 3), but this looks like it’ll give me a headache very quickly. I really hope that gets changed.

After that, we get a quick scene of a subway train going out of control with the driver losing his pupils. The mystery seems to be figuring out what is going on with these people and how to stop it, similar to The Lost in Persona 3.

Our introduction of our mystery segways into what looks like a dungeon in Persona 5. The emphasis seems to be on stealth as the protagonist is taking great pains to not be seen, running across chandeliers and jumping between hiding spots (BTW, the transition animation between hiding spots looks awesome). We also get to see a look at a battle in Persona 5. It seems All-Out Attacks will make a return as we see our masked heroes absolutely wreck some hapless enemies.

After that, we see our characters ice skating down a freeway before fading to black. Oh, and there’s a scene afterwards that has the protagonist bursting into demonic blue flames. No biggie.

So that’s the Persona 5 gameplay trailer. It definitely looks like Atlus is giving fans what they want while also giving the game an identity all its own. I’m not a fan of the style for the menu system and I wish we saw more of how dungeon exploration would play out, but otherwise I’m stoked to hear more about this game.

On a side note, am I the only one that is getting a serious Catherine vibe from the bar at 1:18 and from the protagonist’s face at 1:57? Man that would be an amazing cameo.

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