Lonely Sun Developer Announces Upcoming Sequel

You'll want to watch this teaser for Rinikulous Games' new mobile game, Unlonely.
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It’s been six months since the challenging mobile game Lonely Sun hit the App Store, and developer Rinikulous Games has just announced its sequel, Unlonely

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Lonely Sun is the first game released by Rinikulous Games since its founding in April 2016. In a barren new solar system, the player is responsible for guiding potential planets through all the wonders and dangers of the universe. As the player progresses, planets grow until they are large enough to orbit the sun. To be successful, players must have concentration and a steady hand.

In Unlonely, players will guide planets once more. This time, each planet represents a different website that has supported Rinikulous Games: iFanzine, SnappZilla, Orange Bison, Indie Hangover, Indie Game Launchpad, and ourselves here at GameSkinny.


In their blog post, Rinikulous Games stated:

Unlonely, most importantly, is all about giving back. The game dev-reviewer relationship should be a two-way street. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility as game developers to do whatever we can to give back to this passionate community and always acknowledge the help and support we’ve received and still receive, especially game review sites.

Unlonely may have a beta release as early as July.

While you’re waiting for the sequel to launch, read our review for Lonely Sun and head over to the App Store to buy it for just $1.99.

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