Mario Kart Tour’s New Mario Bros. Tour is a Blast from the Past

Get acquainted with classic Mario and Luigi with Mario Kart Tour's new event.

Mario Kart Tour just wrapped up its previous event and is kicking off another. This time around, the mobile version of the famous plumber’s speed-demon fantasy is hosting a tour focused on the classics.

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It’s live now and runs through March 11.

The Mario Bros. Tour introduces two new-ish drivers. “-Ish” because it’s Mario and Luigi, “new” because it’s Mario and Luigi sporting their classic Mario Bros. gear, sans Super. Yes, it’s a palette swap, but it’s a nostalgic one at least.

Getting these new drivers should be easier this time around as well. Chances for getting them through the game’s infamous Pipe draw system have been raised for this tournament.

The event is also introducing a remixed version of Mario Kart‘s first-ever racecourse: Mario Circuit. Even if you know your way around Mario Circuit in your sleep, the remix still offers something new for everyone.

There’s the usual smattering of new karts and accessories, too — three new karts based on the brothers’ classic designs and two new gliders. One of those is a glider version of the classic 8-bit Mario design.

That’s it for this tournament, which is a bit low-key admittedly, but a nice throwback to yesteryear nonetheless.

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