Mario Kart Tour Guide: How To Slipstream

If you want to complete the slipstream challenges in Mario Kart Tour challenges, you need to find the right course and learn to stay out of 1st place!

Mario Kart Tour includes a number of hidden methods that allow players to increase speed and gain point boosts. Most of these, like slipstreams or the blue spark mini turbo boost, must be discovered on their own while playing.

You may have heard of a slipstream through a challenge notification, but you might not have the first clue on how to complete any of these three challenges:

  • Perform 1 slipstream boost: daily challenge
  • Perform 5 slipstream boosts: tour challenge
  • Perform 10 slipstream boosts: weekly gold challenge

Initiating a slipstream isn't too hard, so long as you pick the right course to make the process simpler. Let's take a look at what you need to do!

Mario Kart Tour Slipstream Challenge

First thing's first: make sure to stay out of 1st place when trying to slipstream because you need to be behind another racer to pull it off.

Be careful how you turn, so you don't accidentally start a mini turbo boost and take the lead.

It's surprisingly easy to be in 1st place by accident in this game, so if necessary, run into a puddle or a banana.

To get a slipstream started, pull up behind another driver and stay lined up for 1 second without moving or colliding. It takes a little practice to get right because of how fast the karts are moving and how twisty the courses tend to be.

Like with mini turbo boosts, you'll see a notification of additional points in the upper right side of the screen when you properly pull off a slipstream.

This is easiest to do at the start of a race when everyone is all clumped up together. But to keep getting them throughout the race, you specifically want a course without a bunch of jump boosts.

These three tracks are pretty easy for getting 5-10 slipstreams in quick succession:

  • Neo Bowser City R
  • Mario Circuit R
  • SNES Mario Circuit 1R

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Published Oct. 14th 2019

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