Mario Kart Tour Guide: Earn a Score of 6,000 Using a Driver Wearing a Shell

One of the earliest tracks features a great favored driver and kart combo to easily nab 6,000 or more points using a driver with a shell in MKT!

Trying to figure out how to earn a score of 6,000 or higher using a driver wearing a shell in Mario Kart Tour? There are quite a few drivers with shells, so this challenge is less RNG focused than many others that are dependent on pulling a rare driver from the pipe.

Below we break them all down and include the best choices for earning a high score on favored tracks, but before getting into all that, let's take a look at the absolute easiest way to compete this challenge.

Earning 6,000 Points Using A Driver With A Shell

To finish this Halloween tour week 1 challenge very quickly, just choose Koopa Troopa as your racer, as he's a very common driver to get from a pipe pull.

His favored course is in the very first cup of the Halloween tour, so at 150cc its extremely easy to get a high score.

Here are the combos you want to use:

  • Course: Koopa Troopa Beach (Luigi Cup)
    • Kart 1: Koopa Dasher
    • Kart 2: Gold Blooper 
    • Kart 3: Poltergust 4000
    • Glider 1: Pirahna Plant Parafoil
    • Glider 2: Peach Parasol
    • Glider 3: Waluigi Wing

Even if you don't have the best karts and gliders listed above for maximum points multipliers, just by simply using Koopa Troopa in this level at 150cc it is still incredibly easy to hit 6,000 by getting a 3 item frenzy. If you don't hit a frenzy on your first run, just try again until it happens.

If you somehow haven't pulled Koopa Troopa yet, here are the other drivers with shells and their favored courses where it will be fairly simple to hit a score of 6,000 or higher:

Driver Favored Courses
Dry Bones  Bowser's Castle T
Shy Guy Bazaar T
 Dry Bowser Dino Dino Jungle
Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser's Castle 1R
Shy Guy Bazaar R
Neo Bowser City T
 Bowser Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser's Castle 1
Bowser's Caslte 1T
Neo Bowser City 
 Bowser Jr. Bowser's Castle 1R
Choco Island 2R
Neo Bowser City
Neo Bowser City T
 Iggy Choco Island 2R
 Larry Kalimari Desert R
 Lemmy Cheep Cheep Lagoon
Mario Circuit 2T
Rainbow Road R
 Ludwig Bowser's Castle 1
Kalimari Desert
 Morton Kalimari Desert
 Roy Kalimari Desert
 Wendy Choco Island 2
 Lakitu Waluigi Pinball T
Toad Circuit T
Mario Circuit 2T
Ghost Valley 1T


Stay tuned for more Halloween tour guides coming soon, and in the mean time check out our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

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Published Oct. 23rd 2019

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