How To Change CC In Mario Kart Tour

If you need to go slower to complete weekly challenges or faster to rack up more points through combos, changing the cc of a track is incredibly easy.

With tours swapping out every two weeks and 16 cups that all feature four separate tracks, Mario Kart Tour is overflowing with race options, and that number increases with the ability to change the cc of every track.

Want to swap out to a different cc for varying rewards or to speed up the track and have a bigger challenge? You can choose between these four options:

  • 50cc  
  • 100cc
  • 150cc
  • 200cc (locked without spending money)

Changing Mario Kart Tour CC Settings

Rather than going to the game settings, the cc is changed during the actual course selection.

After selecting your racer, kart, and glider, tap the cc option in the middle of the screen just below the image of your track selections.

If you are just starting the game, the 100cc and 150cc versions don't unlock until you've completed the first six cups of the current tour. 

At this time, you can only play the 200cc versions of a track if you have the $4.99 a month gold pass subscription service.

If you cancel your gold subscription, you won't be able to play the 200cc version anymore, and you won't get the extra bonus rewards from tour gifts and weekly challenges.

Now that you know how to change the cc, you might be wondering why you'd want to change the cc of a track?

50cc moves slower and has less aggressive AI driver opponents, which makes it easier to complete certain weekly challenges where you have to hit specific objects or complete 30 mini turbo boosts in a row.

If you want to hit higher scores to unlock more stars, however, it's usually better to switch to the faster 150cc option.

What's your favorite track and cc option so far? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Published Oct. 17th 2019

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