Mario Kart Tour Guide: 20 Jump Boosts Using A Driver With A Ribbon

After launch, there are three drivers with ribbons who can net you a very nice challenge and a handful of rubies if you know which track to pick!

With so many weekly challenges swapping out, there's always something new to try in Mario Kart Tour, like doing 20 jump boosts in a single race with a driver with a ribbon.

Not sure where or how to complete this challenge? It's much easier than you think, although you'll need to have lucked out and pulled one of only three drivers.

Mario Kart Tour Driver With A Ribbon

Here are the three drivers, in particular, you want to use:

  • Wendy
  • Peachette
  • Peach Kimono (her ribbon is on her back, and can be seen when driving behind her)

If you haven't nabbed these characters through a pipe pull, hitting account Level 12 gives you the best chance of buying one of them directly with coin, since you get nine rotating shop slots instead of just three. 

With any of those three drivers, head over to Toad Circuit T to complete the challenge.

It's almost impossible to NOT get 20 jump boosts in one race because most of the boosts span the entire length of the raceway.

The long green pipes extending halfway out into the road also count as jump boosts, so it's extremely easy to hit most or all of them on your way through.

If you missed a few somehow, make sure to skip the final multi-colored jump just before the finish line, because it will make you glide, and you may end up flying over the last three jump boosts.

If you have Wendy, you can also rack up a very nice score and complete the 20 jump boost challenge at the same time by using her 3-item favored course Choco Island 2.

Unfortunately, this one takes more practice and effort, as you can miss the brown jump boosts in this level if you aren't lined up properly. Here are the best options to take for a great score with Wendy:

  • Course: Choco Island 2 (Toad Cup in the Tokyo Tour)
    • Kart 1: BiddyBuggy get bonus points for Slipstreaming
    • Kart 2: Royale  get bonus points for Slipstreaming
    • Glider 1: Droplet Glider  bonus points for using Blooper item
    • Glider 2: Peach Parasol  bonus points for using red shells

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Published Oct. 16th 2019

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