How to Take Out Pipes in Mario Kart Tour

Can't figure out how to destroy 3 pipes for the last Mario Kart Tour weekly challenge? This guide shows you how to do it.

Trying to finish all the weekly challenges in Mario Kart Tour before the next tour swaps out? One of the most difficult is taking out 3 pipes, because the game doesn't explain how or where this can actually be done.

The challenge doesn't mean pulling the prize pipe, which has some players confused as they dropped 15 rubies and didn't complete the challenge.

You can, in fact, destroy the short green pipes in some tracks, but only in two very specific ways. Normally, they serve as an obstacle that slows you down, and unlike the traffic cones, you don't even get points for hitting them.

How And Where To Take Out Three Pipes

All of the various Mario Circuit levels have destructible pipes, with Mario Circuit 2 being the best option to complete the challenge. There are three pipes just before the tunnel towards the finish line, and two more immediately afterward. 

So, how do you actually take them out? If you have Bowser or Dry Bowser, you can destroy them by hitting a pipe using the Bowser's Shell skill.

Going that route is entirely dependent on randomly pulling one of those two characters, however. If you don't have either of the Bowsers, then any driver can take out a pipe by using the Mega Mushroom.

Since items are randomized, this may take several tries while you try to pull the right mushroom. Your best bet to land the Mega Mushroom when hitting an item box is to stay in last place, so don't use the rocket start, and just keep hitting the sides until you land in 8th place.

To recap, here are the two best options for taking out a pipe in Mario Kart Tour:

  • Mario Circuit 2 (Lakitu Cup in the Tokyo Tour)
    • Musician Mario  Favored Course 3 items
    • Lakitu  Favored Course 3 items
    • Bowser  Bowser's Shell
    • Dry Bowser  Bowser's Shell
      • Any other driver  Wait to pull a mega mushroom (Kimono Peach, Rosalina, and Iggy all get 2 items at a time, everyone else gets 1 item at at time)
  • Mario Circuit (Rosalina Cup in the Tokyo Tour)
    • Peachette  Favored Course 3 items
    • Kimono Peach  Favored Course 3 items
    • Bowser — Bowser's Shell
    • Dry Bowser  Bowser's Shell 
      • Any other driver  Wait to pull a mega mushroom (Wendy, Rosalina, Peach, and Toadette all get 2 items at a time, everyone else gets 1 item at a time)

Let us know when you finally manage to take out 3 pipes and be sure to mention which driver and kart you used!

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Published Oct. 17th 2019

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