Marvel Heroes Updates Captain America and Hawkeye

Marvel Heroes has updated the Captain America and Hawkeye characters, and added a new region called Bovineheim and Cosmic Terminals for gamers to plunder.
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Captain America fanatics playing their favorite Avenger on Marvel Heroes have a few new abilities and build options to try out.

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Gazillion Entertainment recently released update 2.14 for this free online game, launched in June 2013. This update gives Captain America the ability to bring the Avengers together to deliver the awesome power and damage only they can deliver. It also contains a new land called Bovineheim, additional Cosmic Terminals for players to plunder, new abilities, and a Kate Bishop inspired costume for Hawkeye.

Marvel Heroes lovers can view and download this free online video game here. They can also take a look at all of the updates Gazillion Entertainment has made to the game since release, along with the new content for Captain America. Gamers wanting to view the new Kate Bishop inspired costume for Hawkeye should watch this trailer.

Marvel Heroes players can also expect Nightcrawler to come swinging into the game in the future. Gazillion Entertainment has indicated this beloved mutant will fight his way onto the Marvel Heroes stage during the months ahead.

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