Minecraft Legends Updates Announced at Minecraft Live 2023

More content is coming to Minecraft Legends. Here's what was announced at Minecraft Live 2023.

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Minecraft Live 2023 has returned, revealing new content for its second update of Minecraft Legends. Though a new Lost Legend is coming this month, most features will arrive in its upcoming December update. After its exciting launch back in April 2023, the community feedback centered around features like custom campaigns, improved UI, and the ability to pet animals. Well, the Minecraft Legends team listened, adding those features and improving the overall experience. Now, more is planned for the future of Legends. Here’s what we know.

Minecraft Legends Updates Announced at Minecraft Live 2023

It’s time for another update to the beautiful yet dangerous world of Minecraft Legends. If you’ve enjoyed the free Lost Legend challenges thus far, you’ll be happy to hear that a new challenge is on the horizon. The “Creeper Clash” Lost Legend will arrive just in time for Halloween on October 19, 2023.

Before we get into the upcoming December update, let’s take a moment to appreciate the dedicated dev team. Mojang Studios Principal Design Director Craig Leigh had this to say about Minecraft Legends’ exciting year:

“Over the last 6 months the team have focused on greatly improving key systems and adding brand new features. We’re excited to see the community’s reaction to the new content announced at Minecraft Live.”

Minecraft Legends December 2023 Update

Image via Mojang Studios

The Minecraft Legends December update will include the “Snow vs Snout” Lost Legend, just in time for the snowy season. Additionally, three new features have been announced:

  • New Mount: Frog
  • New Piglin Unit and Structure: Piglin Clanker and Air Chopper
  • New Friends: Witch Allies and Witches Cauldrons

That covers the new content for Minecraft Legends announced at Minecraft Live 2023. Get ready to hop along with your frog mount and team up with your witch allies soon! For more news, check out the new Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC announcement and exciting details revealed about Minecraft‘s 1.21 update

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