MMO Wander Is Bringing Co-operative Exploration To PS4

Sony's current gen console is getting an MMO that doesn't include any combat at all.
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The unconventional MMO Wander is coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. PlayStation Blog made the announcement and revealed that the console version of the game will be playable next month at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. The game is currently in beta testing on PC and Linux.

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Created by Melbourne resident Loki Davison, Wander is an unconventional MMO that does not feature loot, quests, or even combat. Instead, the focus of the game is entirely on exploration. Players begin their journey in Wander by waking up in a forest, suffering from amnesia.

They are then able to explore a collection of large overgrown islands; attempting to piece together the history of their surroundings using lorestones and mysterious records. As an MMO, players will be able to explore together and share information in order to solve the game’s mysteries.

To aid them in this quest, Wander allows players to assume various forms. Everyone starts the game as an Oren, a large, walking tree. Through exploration, other forms can be unlocked, each with their own special abilities. For example, turning into a Griffin will give players the power of flight. Transforming into a Azertash grants them the option of exploring the deepest depths of the ocean.

Are you interested in an MMO that focuses on exploration instead of combat? Check out the short trailer above and tell us about your initial impressions in the comments section.  Wander is due out for PS4 in March 2015. No pricing details have been released but the PC or Linux beta versions are available for $25.

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