Minecraft Cliffs and Caves adds a trio of new biomes and makes a whole new world out of the underground.

Mojang Offers Sneak Peak at Minecraft 1.17 Cliffs and Caves

Minecraft Cliffs and Caves adds a trio of new biomes and makes a whole new world out of the underground.
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2020’s Minecraft Live event revealed Caves and Cliffs as part of a big Minecraft 1.17 update slated to land in Summer 2021. The new update transforms the underground with new biomes, mobs, blocks, and so much more.

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One of the 1.17 update’s big highlights is creating new biomes out of caves, which includes Lush Caves, turning formerly bare caverns into verdant wonderlands filled with new plant types. These caves are easy to locate thanks to the new azalea tree growing above their entrances.

Some of the other new plants include Dripleaf plants that provide new platforms and thick coverage and the consumable Glow Berry item.

Dripstone Cave introduces stalactites and stalagmites in the mix, while Deep Dark houses a new and deadly mob: the Warden. Wardens can’t see and will track players by sound.

The new cave biomes get some watery delights with Minecraft‘s new water level feature. Each cave has a different water ecosystem in store, with new plants and items to be found plus boats players can use to go rafting through the cave systems.

Another new mob, the Axolotl, can help explore underwater and take down foes on the player’s behalf.

Back on the surface, Minecraft 1.17 adds new archaeology sites. Excavation sites are dotted around the landscape and come complete with the brush tool used for carefully excavating blocks. These must be fully uncovered before the player moves on, else the treasure inside gets destroyed.

On the subject of treasure, some of the cave systems will lead to crystal deposits. Savvy Minecrafters will have to figure out how to harvest crystals and amethyst without taking the source block, and if successful, the booty can then be used to craft new items.

Minecraft 1.17, Cliffs and Caves, will release sometime in summer 2021. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Minecraft news as it develops.

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