New Leak Speculates That ‘Project Beast’ is the Next Title From Dark Souls Creators

A slurry of leaked photos suggest that From Software's new title is already in the pipeline
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A new leak of a series of screenshots — allegedly sourced from Dark Souls’ development team From Software — suggests that their next up and coming title will be ‘Project Beast’ (labelled a ‘working’ title’ in the image that shows this name). Originally leaked on NeoGaf (the original source of the leak can be found here), the as of now unverified photos give a little hint of what may be in store for us. If they are indeed genuine, the screenshot below effectively confirms its author.

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The screenshots would indicate that this new title will be set in an era anywhere between the 17th and 19th century. It’s not easy to judge however, particularly when the bulk of player models are the undead- that may have been dead for centuries.

The playable character appears to be wielding a shotgun, although the screenshots aren’t the highest of quality. Speculation bounces across the wide, echoing hallways of the internet, but nobody is of the wiser. Not yet anyway.

I don’t want to put too much energy into speculation, but I will say that the screenshots have certainly intrigued me. There is a Dark Souls feel about these leaks. Things to note in particular are the weapons and enemies. Below you can even see a Cutlass being wielded. In addition to this, I can’t help but feel that there’s a sentiment of something just a little bit more haunting and creepier than usual.

Perhaps it’s the era; for some bizarre reason this time frame has always particularly spooked me. Playing the Nightmare Creatures demo repeatedly as a kid always gave that time period a more sinister edge.


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