New XCOM 2 DLC Shen’s Last Gift Now Available

The newest DLC for XCOM 2, Shen's Last Gift, is available now, featuring Chief Engineer Lily Shen and a new robotic soldier class.
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A new DLC expansion for the popular strategy game XCOM 2, entitled “Shen’s Last Gift,” is out now! According to 2K Games, Chief Engineer Lily Shen will join players’ squads as they investigate “ADVENT’s ‘Lost Towers’ facility” in search of her father’s final project. That project, as it turns out, provides players with a new soldier class, which according to the team at 2K comes complete with “powerful new combat abilities, strategy mechanics, and customization options.”

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The release trailer, above, begins with the Councilman explaining to the player that a transmission has been received from a derelict ADVENT facility and that Shen will “lead the investigation.” After fighting through a series of robotic opponents–which some have suggested resemble Terminators–Shen uncovers what the Councilman later refers to as the “mech prototype,” whose name appears to be SPARK MK-1. The rest of the trailer shows this prototype in combat, utilizing grenades, a large assault rifle, and melee attacks. But perhaps most interestingly, a deployable drone is also showcased, which can attack enemies, and is also used by the mech as a more powerful grenade, as well.

If this trailer is any indication, the new mech soldier will be an invaluable member of any team, especially when the biggest alien threats present themselves.

The new DLC is available now through Steam.

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