No Man’s Sky Beyond Announced, Will Release Summer 2019

No Man's Sky's latest update will include three different components, including online multiplayer and social modes, which will be free for all existing players.

Hello Games’ open-world space adventure game, No Man’s Sky, has had a journey almost as epic as the one its players embark on. It began life as a highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 game shown off during a Sony conference, and Hello Games’ founder, Sean Murray, continued delivering exciting promises and updates to fans thereafter.

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The problem was that most of the promises made turned out to be (initially) empty, and players believed Murray intentionally misled them just to drive sales.

In the years since No Man’s Sky‘s initial release, though, the game has seen a gradual drip of new content turn into a steady stream. The game still hasn’t become one of the “best games” on the market, but it’s a much more polished adventure now than it was then. Today, it has plenty of content to keep players coming back for more — with many excitedly trying to find out what could be in store for the future.

Based off a recent release, that trend is set to continue this summer. Taking to the PlayStation Blog, Murray gave fans an update about a brand-new, multifaceted expansion coming to the game: No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Beyond will actually contain three different expansions. Murray said that the expansions originally began as separate update plans, but the team realized weaving them together would create a more engaging experience.

However, the only aspect of that update Murray provided details on is what the team is calling No Man’s Sky Online.

This particular update is similar in scope to a massively multiplayer online (MMO) experience and what some originally thought NMS would be at release. That being said, Murray is quick to point out the online component has some key differences. For starters, NMS Online won’t require a subscription or extra fee to play, nor will it include microtransactions.

What it will do is allow “players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.”

Murray also said Online and the other new changes are partly a response to how players engaged with one of the more recent updates, No Man’s Sky Next. Those who have followed the game for a long time, though, will remember the social elements were one of the original promises Hello Games failed to deliver on when No Man’s Sky first launched.

There isn’t enough information from which to draw any conclusions at this time, but Murray said more information about Beyond‘s components will be revealed in the coming months.

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