Omni by Virtuix: A Gamer Super Race

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Gamers and nerds alike are constantly trying to improve the level of immersion in video games. Many people have heard about devices such as the EPOC Emotiv or the Oculus Rift, but using these devices only marginally increases immersion. Certainly the EPOC Emotiv is a great idea, but it appears very bare bone and does not necessarily put you into the game like many would hope. The Oculus Rift is an incredible feat, however when you stand up and use it, the experience is so disorienting that people often lose their balance and then the immersion is lost. 


Enter: Omni by Virtuix

The Emotiv and Rift both serve really neat purposes, but apart from visual and audio experiences, kinetic engagement really causes immersion. By that logic I propose that the Omni should be paired with the Rift (which is already common practice by the developers) and the Emotiv. With this pairing gamers will be able to move around as they normally would while being completely visually immersed. The digital world around them would immediately become real. Using the Emotiv among all of this, controllers would become unnecessary as all triggerable actions would be mapped to brain patterns that are associated with those specific actions. For example, you make the motion of reloading and shooting and all you need is a toy gun in order to mimic the actions. There is no better way in this day and age that you will be immersed on every level that matters. That is unless smelling something really makes it real for you. If that is the case… Don’t play video games, be a chef.


So Why Are We Going to Become A Super Fit Community?

Well, let’s be honest, how many people are actually able to play Skyrim or Guild Wars 2 for just a half hour a day? I know that when I find an amazing new RPG world to explore I spend hours running around to simply explore that world and that is without the immersion of the Rift, Emotiv, and Omni. We will be able to completely log in to another universe, one that is as living and breathing as our real world; one that we can wholly become engaged in. Although I may not be able to run for 6 hours straight, I do know that being able to actually live in a game world in a very similar way that we live in the real world is the most enticing thing in modern gaming news that I have yet to see. 


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