Original Strider Creator is not Involved with New Strider Game

Original Strider Creator isn't Involved with the new Strider Title, lets "pray" its good.
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The oirginal Strider game creator, Kouichi ‘Isuke’ Yotsuiisn’t going to be included in the making of the upcoming new Strider game of 2014. Capcom has announced a new Strider reboot that is being developed by Killer Instinct studio Double Helix.

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The above video shows off how great Yotsui had made the oirginal Strider in 1989. Strider was a side-scrolling action game featuring swordplay and acrobatics. The new Strider is going to be the same style of play, but way better graphics, new attacks, flashier abilities, and (above all) bigger and badder bosses.

Retro Gamer got in contact with Yotsui to find out if he was involved in any way with the new Strider game. “I am not involved in this game,” he replied. “I pray for the activity of Capcom USA.” Too bad Yotsui isn’t involved or we might just have a better game than what Capcom can produce.

In either case, the video I included below should be enough for anyone to judge if the new Strider is going to become a classic like its ancestor. The new Strider will be released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC (but not Wii U) early 2014. From what I can see, I would love to play this incredible and stylish game.

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