Our Journey Developing Alamar: It’s Ready for You!

A 3D castle building MMORTS PC game that brings to life medieval dreams. Conquer lands, build alliances and kingdoms in this fast paced game.
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We have been building Armies of Alamar for almost 2 years now. What an experience it has been.

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The concept was all thought out, or so we thought, and all that was left was a few months to build it… SLAP! Reality struck us right in the kisser. A year later, we held limited testing which reared that dreaded hand again. Slap Slap Slap.

Let me tell you our cheeks were getting pretty sore. But as anything in life, we took it in stride and pressed forward. Back to the drawing board we went on several key parts. More testing… an uncanny feeling of hope and pride introduced itself into the equation along with the realization that we were actually doing this. Here before us was our combined dreams: Alamar.

Now, we are tidying up the game mechanics after completing the Alpha Testing. But we need help. We need the ability to aggressively advertise, purchase the proper servers to host the game, and hire a specialized animator and artist to animate the awesome attack sequence we have built. So we launched a modest Kickstarter Project, and we need you and your support.

Let me tell you about this dream we are trying so hard to bring to life…

Armies of Alamar is the next step in Castle MMO PC gaming. We have combined a beautiful 3 dimensional castle and village building process with a 3D world that allows you as a player to interact with everyone at every level. Conquer lands and become the leader of a county or even a Prince of the Realm. If you’re really ambitious, you could find yourself on the throne itself.

Become the merchant or farmer that trades with cities and players. Ambush wagons as they go to market as a shadowy thief. How about the spy master that sells information on another player’s village? Vie for the throne itself as a fearless warrior or play the saboteur that attacks in the dead of night, destroying critical buildings. The choice is yours. This game will allow you to truly experience what it was like to try and conquer and control your own lands. To farm, trade and fight others. To become the king you always dreamed of.

You take that and add in thousands of other like-minded players, and things will get interesting really quick.

A key difference in our game is our interception method.

Which is best explained like this…

Imagine you and your best friend Bob carve out a little place to call home in one of our multiple kingdoms. Your lands are fertile, feeding your villagers and providing you ample items to trade. You are collecting a respectable amount of taxes from your holdings, allowing you to house multiple armies. Then one Saturday morning Bob sits down with a cup of coffee and notices something strange. Someone is attacking you! He calls, no answer. He texts, still nothing! What to do! Normally Bob would have to just sit and watch you lose a village you worked so hard to build. Instead of being the warrior he is, he’s reduced to writing an email demanding they stop.

That is what Bob would of have done in other MMOs of this type, but not in this one!

You see, when we said this was different, we meant it! In the World of Alamar, Bob would launch a massive counter attack against the enemy. And not just the enemy’s village, but the marching armies also! He can destroy them before they get to you! He sends reinforcements to your village that will automatically go into the barracks, which will be used in your defense.

There are options in Alamar. Awesome options!

Bob also decides to not only destroy them militarily, but to devastate their trading by launching wave after wave of thieves on their merchant carts. Until they finally sue for peace. All because they had the audacity to attack you, Bob’s best friend.

Play it by yourself, Lone Wolf style, or with a large group. We have even built an entire social network site to support the game, Armiesofalamar.comThey will be able to build their own guilds, public or private, which will have email, chat and forums.

We have designed a game that you can play as casually or extreme as you want. And yes, you will be able to live a real life!

Come join us on an adventure that will last a life time.

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