Pokemon Sword and Shield Roundup Trailer Shows Gigantamax ‘Mon, Smiling Sobble

A new roundup trailer gives a glimpse at Gigantamax forms again, plus a sampling of the things we can see and do during our time in Galar.

The Pokemon Company must know it’s been releasing a lot of information about Pokemon Sword and Shield here lately, because the latest Sword and Shield trailer is a lengthy roundup showcasing everything we’ve learned so far.

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It kicks off by giving us a heart-stoppingly adorable look at the starters and that moment when you first encounter them. Sobble even smiles! Briefly.

In between showing off some of the locations we’ve seen before, like the mine and the snowy area, the trailer inserts bits of the camping element, demonstrating how players can interact even more with their Pokemon during their time in Galar.

There’s a roundup of Gigantamax Pokemon as well, showing off some of the recent reveals and apparently confirming Gigantamax Pokemon are the same size as Dynamax ones — unless that’s a suspiciously same-looking Gigantamax Duraludon we’re seeing here.

How long all that interaction will take depends on playstyle, though Game Freak told Game Informer it won’t be much different from previous games — at least as far as main content is concerned.

Finishing the main story can take anywhere from 15 to 40 hours depending on all the side stuff you choose to engage in. Game Freak also said there will be plenty of other content apart from the main story to keep players interested.

We don’t have long to wait until we know for sure what Galar has to offer when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch on November 15 for Nintendo Switch. One thing we do know? There will be bagpipes. Check out the video above.

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