RBT, The Carpal Tunnel Relieving Mouse, Has Met Half Its Goal With a Month to Go

The RBT mouse IndieGoGo campaign seeks funding for the production of the already functional ergonomic carpal tunnel friendly mouse.
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Created by QuadraClicks Gaming, the RBT- Original Rebel mouse has just crossed over the halfway point as it strides towards its $5,000 goal on IndieGoGo with roughly a month left to donate. The RBT mouse was developed to relieve and prevent the effects of hand cramping and carpal tunnel experienced by gamers or anyone that uses a mouse frequently over long periods of time.

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According to the campaign page:

Our patented Right ‘Bove Touch design makes maneuver and click rate faster and reduces pains associated with using the conventional mouse. The RBTs – Original Rebel defies all existing mouse ergonomics in today’s market. After 4 years of research & development, we are convinced that, RBTs, are the ultimate computing ideal for gaming enthusiasts, badass designers, and everyday Workaholics.

That being said, the mouse is intended to be fully usable to play competitive games, such as Overwatch, League of Legends, or SMITE. It was created by a gamer, after all. Investing $150 dollars will net you the mouse, which is a 62.5% discount from its $240 projected retail price. While this is oddly the lowest tier that you can back while receiving an award, you can donate regardless. 

You can read more about the process of its creation and intended uses here on GameSkinny as detailed by the creator himself. 

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