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Remnant 2 Co-Op Gameplay Trailer Highlights Your Fireteam in a Mechanical World

Remnant 2 drops another trailer at Summer Games Fest, this one highlighting the various worlds you can visit.

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games are outdoing themselves. The tandem has released another new Remnant 2 trailer, this time at Summer Games Fest. The latest in a string of videos about the world that humanity now inhabits, this trailer takes us in a different direction. Showing off completely different footage than previous trailers, you get a look at one of the worlds you’ll visit during the game. Here’s what was revealed.

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Remnant 2 takes place in an apocalyptic world after the invasion of the Root, so destroyed buildings, rusting vehicles, and Archetype announcements are par for the course. We’ve seen this in the Ward 13 and Labyrinth trailer, as well as the game’s story trailer.

This trailer, however, takes us to a mechanical world. With a feeling like stepping out of the Matrix, machines corrupted by the Root are everywhere. The trio featured in the trailer fight robots while atop a high-speed subway car, inside a factory where machines make other machines, and face off against mechanical spiders. Check it out below or the Remnant 2 YouTube channel.

This is a world accessed through the World Stone, previously hidden away in a locked bunker where many don’t even recall its existence. It comes in stark contrast to what we’ve come to know as the world of Remnant 2, and it opens our eyes to the possibilities the game can offer. Not only will we have to take out the typical Root corrupted creatures, but now we’ll have to slay a potential Skynet, giant mosquito creatures, and more.

Remnant 2 is available July 25, 2023, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. If you preorder, the Gunslinger Archetype will come available to you during Early Access on July 21. Stay tuned for more.

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