Remnant 2 Ward 13 and Labyrinth Trailer

Learn more about the world you're trying to save in the latest Remnant 2 trailer.

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The Remnant 2 Ward 13 and Labyrinth trailer is a bit different than those we’ve received for the shooter, action RPG so far. While developer Gunfire Games has released multiple Archetype, battle, and story trailers for Remnant 2, this one is focused on the game’s world. Specifically, we’re here to see settlement Ward 13 and the way between worlds, the Labyrinth.

A short and sweet video, the trailer begins with Ward 13. As the main human settlement, it’s been rebuilt in the years since Remnant: From the Ashes. Exiting from the industrial buildings survivors previously called home, the land around Ward 13 now teems with life. Gardens, a cooking station, a medical store, and more now take up residence along the streets. Inhabitants are free to distill alcohol, paint, and more, while the World Stone sits locked away, nary a soul remembering its existence.

Video via Gearbox Publishing

We then get a glimpse of the Labyrinth. Twisting pathways and shimmering gateways connect us to other worlds. The Labyrinth, however, is decaying, unable to remain stable due to the Keeper’s lack of power. While he stopped the spread of Root through the Labyrinth, its collapse can similarly spell doom for other worlds as aberrations begin to appear in them.

Both Ward 13 and the Labyrinth are staple locations in Remnant: From the Ashes and are making an updated appearance in Remnant 2. How will the changes in Labyrinth reflect in the other worlds? How will it impact Ward 13? Will we have to uncover the World Stone at the bottom of the former Ward 13 bunkers? We’ll know more when Remnant 2 releases this summer on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the trailers for the Handler and the Challenger while you wait.

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