ROCKSTAR NEEDS YOU! Send them your pictures and you could be in the next GTA game!

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There has been a lot of talk about Grand Theft Auto 5. Its creators are already looking forward to a new IP and GTA games on the Next Gen Consoles. Rumors of multiple character viewpoints are all over the forums. There is a good chance no one is going to ask you to go bowling this time.

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Now Rockstar are attempting something rather new – giving players a chance to actually be in the game.

KIFFLOM, a cult from the fictitious city of Los Santos, has recently put up a website asking for players to submit their photos into their database for a chance to appear in GTA5 as a follower of their religion. Various social media that has access to photo imagery is allowed – Facebook, Twitter, and Imgur.

Still not sure? Check out the recruitment video below!

At this moment it is unknown just how many photos, people, faces and characters will be allowed passage by the glorious leader to make it into the game, so your best bet is to send in your photos, and hope you get a chance to run yourself over with a Ferrari in September!

GTA5 is set to be release mid September.

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