Screens Leaked for Poker Night at the Inventory 2

Screens have shown up for Poker Night 2, showing Brock Samson, Claptrap, Ash, and Sam as opponents with Mad Moxie and Glados both in the background.
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Poker Night at the Inventory is a good game.  It is a rare thing to see a game that appeals to humor that manages to remain a worthwhile experience after an hour or so, but it manages it fairly well, with the actual poker being solid fun in its own right.  The primary charm of the game is the characters, which raises a question.  Who would star in a sequel?

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Thanks to some leaked images we’ve got an answer for that question.  Brock Samson from Venture Brothers, Claptrap from Borderlands, Ash from Evil Dead, and the partner of Max from the first Poker Night: Sam.  Visible hanging over the table is Glados of Portal fame, though the game interface doesn’t show her as an opponent, leading me to suspect that she might be the dealer this time around.  Mad Moxxi from Borderlands also seems to be running the bar, for a bit of extra background familiarity.

Telltale Games has been giving little hints and clues about an upcoming release that seem to match these characters, further supporting the legitimacy of the images.  Time will ultimately tell, but this is easily enough to get excited.

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