Siberia Elite Is Available For Preorder

I can't wait to get my hands on Steelseries' Siberia Elite.
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SteelSeries is officially taking preorders for its flagship Dolby gaming headset, Siberia Elite. This beaut combines the sound and quality of Dolby with the sleek look of Siberia headsets.

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This headset is in preorder for $199.99. If you order now, it will ship on October 15. Siberia Elite supports USB and 8-Pin cross-platform connection for PC, Mac, Mobile, and Tablets.

I’ll just jump into what I think about it so far without having used the Siberia Elite. First, it is absolutely gorgeous. As a woman, I can appreciate that. It comes in two colors, white and black but as of now the white is the only one available for preorder. I honestly prefer the white to the black. This headset comes with LED illumination on the ear cups, which is extremely customizable. I’m always a fan when something lights up. Seriously, I had a Sony Ericsson before its untimely demise. The picture to the right shows the beautiful LED lighting, demonstrated at PAX Prime.

I’m also all about comfort. This headset has something that I’m a huge fan of, memory foam. That’s right, it will be like a memory foam pillow on your precious ears. The ear cups are leather-bound and oversize with a suspended headband to make them extra comfy. This is a serious selling point for me. I have pretty dainty ears so it’s not hard for me to experience discomfort with headphones, or for my ears to just get swallowed entirely.

Another great feature is the noise-cancelling, retractable mic. I know this is something I’m looking for in a headset. The mic also uses LED lighting to show when the mic is muted. And let’s not forget the upgraded sound card. This headset is definitely for the serious gamer, which also explains the price that would usually scare me away. I honestly think the price is just for what is on the market and what SteelSeries is offering.

So what do you guys think? Do you think the Siberia Elite is worth the cash? What are your favorite headsets?

Headsets have never been so intense!

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