Skullgirls New Color DLC Packs on PSN Today

New Skullgirls Color DLC Comes Out Today on the PSN.
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When Skullgirls released, each character had a decent amount of color swap options. There were some pretty great ones like a Harley Quinn style Cerebella, a Cirno for Touhou version of Peacock, Hatsune Miku costume color for Filia, Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking outfit color for Parasoul, and the list goes on.

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Today on the PlayStation Network, players can pay for premium color DLC packs. Each character released so far has their own pack. Each pack will cost $1, but players looking to get new colors for the entire cast can buy a mega pack for the discount of $5.

The new color packs can be viewed on the PlayStation blog. There are some references that stick out: an Evangelion Unit 01 Painwheel, a Scanty palette swap for Filia, and what looks like a Mami Tomoe from Madoka color scheme for Ms. Fortune.

Skullgirls has had so much news lately. I am so happy for the folks over at Lab Zero Games. I’ll be picking up the full pack to hold me over until the new characters get released.

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