Star Citizen Release Date

Star Citizen Release Dates Finally Revealed
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No you did not read that headline incorrectly, the largely hyped space trading and combat simulator Star Citizen finally has a release date.

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Game director Chris Roberts decided to spoil all the expectant fans of the game with target release dates for the game:

  • Spring 2015
    • Beta Release of Fps
    • Planetside/Social beta
  • Summer 2015
    • Arena Commander 2.0 / Multicrew Ships
  • Fall 2015
    • First episode of Squadron 42 released
  • End of 2015
    • Persistent Universe Alpha for backers
  • 2016
    • Star Citizen Commercial Launch

Unlike most games that exist on the market, Star Citizen is planned to release with four different game systems to create a single product. Those four game systems are spread across six different games: Hangar, Arena Commander, Squadron 42, a currently unnamed first-person shooter, Planetside, and Persistent Universe.

Currently, early versions of Arena Commander and Hangar are available to the Kickstarter backers of the game but target release dates for the rest of Star Citizen is up for all to see. Each part is slated to release on a quarterly schedule beginning in Spring of this year and Star Citizen is planned to have its commercial launch in 2016. Of course these dates are target release dates, so they are subject to change.

However, fans at least have an estimate for when things might release.

Now all of  you aspiring space pilots can finally stop worrying about all the ships you bought and just buy more ships. Just buy all the ships already. You only have a couple of months before the first part releases, what are you still doing here? Go buy all the ships.

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