New co-op mode now free-to-play, but only with friends.

StarCraft II: Starter Edition updated to include new co-op mode

New co-op mode now free-to-play, but only with friends.
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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void released to a ton of fanfare and critical acclaim earlier this month and for good reason. Among a slew of new content, a co-op mode called Allied Commanders was added to the package and Blizzard has just updated the game to allow their Free-to-Play player base to have access to it, provided you have the friends to play it with.

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Allied Commanders lets players take control of major characters from the campaign to complete objectives and upgrade their abilities as they go along. The Starter Edition only lets you play as three of the six characters, but that’s not surprising since you can only play as the Terran race in the multiplayer mode.

Quick Take: StarCraft II is very n00b friendly in the sense that the game lets you see what it’s all about before you buy. There’s no 15 minute vertical slice, just as much (Terran) multiplayer action as you can handle.

As someone who played the Starter Edition for months before finally taking the plunge, it’s really cool to see Blizzard continue to support the feature. I’m not strictly speaking from an ideals perspective, but it simply works from a business standpoint. Being able to see what they game was all about slowly deteriorated my willpower over time, eventually causing me to buy the full game…and every expansion after that. Well played, Blizzard.

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