Steam Trading Card Beta Gets Booster Packs

More Updates to the Steam Trading Card Beta!
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Yesterday Valve added a new feature to the Trading Card Beta they’ve been working on for the past few months. Allowing users who have already gotten their maximum amount of card drops from a specific game to randomly receive more. Booster packs are now distributed to beta users who have logged into Steam once in the past week and have received all their card drops at least one game.

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Here is the announcement from yesterday:

“We’ve added some new features to the beta today: 

Booster packs: Booster packs are additional cards for games that will drop periodically. Anyone who has collected all the trading card drops they can for a game and have used Steam in the last week may receive one of these booster packs. These packs contain three additional cards for the game, and may contain foils. If you receive a booster, you will get a “1 new item in your inventory” alert. 

Game Collector Badge: There’s a new badge which will grant you XP based on how many games you have in your Steam library. This badge replaces the “100 XP for having at least one product registered” message at the bottom of the badges page. 

Profile Game Count: The number shown next to the “Games” link on the new profile should now more closely match the number of games shown in the Steam library.” – Valve Employee, Al Farnsworth.

The Booster Packs can be given at anytime whether you are in a Steam game or not. It is currently unknown if there is a limit to the amount of booster packs you can get. But they are not very common; most users haven’t gotten more than one booster pack since the update went live. 

Booster Pack drop rate is also affected by your Steam Level. For example if you are Level 10, your chance of receiving a booster pack will be 20% higher than someone who is under level 10. The chance is raised by 10% every 10 levels.

For more information on the Steam Trading Card beta please visit the official page, or the official group.


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