Survarium opens Alpha Test registration!

The STALKER inspired MMOFPS Survarium is now accepting registration for Open Alpha Testing!
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The End of the World is almost here

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Will you be ready?

Vostok games has announced that they are ready to accept Alpha Testing for their new game, Survarium!

What is it? Well, it’s a Free to Play MMOFPS set in a post-apocalyptic modern day. Something terrible has happened, and players must do their best to survive. This could mean working together, or duking it out for the scarce supplies needed to live.

The game itself seems to have taken a bit of inspiration from a title known as S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a sandbox FPS set in a ruined Chernobyl countryside. Players had to fight just to survive in that game, scavenging food and weapons to get by. And Survarium is looking to make things even harder. Aside from working for themselves, players can assist Scavenger’s camps to help out and receive goodies back in return. But if that isn’t to their liking, taking up a life of banditry and harassing other players for their food and equipment seems like another possibility in this world.

I just signed up myself, which can be done here. I’m looking forward to living by the skin of my teeth, and telling stories round the fire about my exploits. Good luck, survivors!

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