An overview of the SWTOR update, Sisters of Carnage.

SWTOR: Sisters of Carnage Update

An overview of the SWTOR update, Sisters of Carnage.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic received a big update this month. Called “The Sisters Of Carnage”, this update came with some great new content, as well as balancing changes for existing stuff. 

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A beachside resort was added on the planet Manaan for players to kick back and watch the waves. This water-themed resort has its own decorations, which can be found in the Deepwater Essentials Bundle on the Cartel Market. 

The biggest point of interest in this update is a new encounter in the Gods of the Machine operation, the Sisters of Carnage. Ancient twin super weapons, Aivela and Esne, are the brand new bosses for this encounter. For those brave enough to challenge these twin sisters, you will first have to defeat their brother, Tyth.  

Some multiplayer changes were introduced for the sake of balance, most of which involve small modifications to the numbers on damage or healing. On top of that, some quality of life changes were introduced for the economy and items in-game.  

You can check out the specifics in the official patch notes if you want more information.

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