Today on Twitter a large trend called #PokemonBookTitles became popular and within them some genius titles that any Pokemon fan would love to read.

The best #PokemonBookTitles we would read in a heartbeat

Today on Twitter a large trend called #PokemonBookTitles became popular and within them some genius titles that any Pokemon fan would love to read.
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One of the largest trending topics on Twitter today is #PokemonBookTitles, where fans are announcing titles of books that could use a dash of Pokemon. While there are many eyesores along the way in this hashtag, some genius titles crossed my path – and man would I read them in heartbeat.

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Rewording the Classics in a Beautiful Way

After I saw this was a hot trending topic, I began to peruse these hilarious twists on book titles – and many of the classics were among them. From The Great Gastly, originally authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald to The Adventures of Shuckleberry Finn by award winning author Mark Twain, Twitter became a goldmine full of witty users.

The artwork for The Great Gastly was submitted on Twitter by the user MrBrettBiley, and the artwork for The Adventures of Shuckleberry Finn was added by user cherryrsrAlthough these book titles are completely altered to merge with the Pokemon of their choosing, I would definitely read any of these in a heartbeat.


Some Childhood Favorites

While many childhood books are designed to be friendly to children, adding Pokemon to the titles and cover illustrations made them even more inviting. A few children’s books that were merged with Pokemon include The Lion, the Witch and the Wartortle by C.S Lewis, The Snorlax by Dr. Seuss , and The Very Hungry Caterpie by Eric Carle.

Artwork for The Snorlax is courtesy of phop_frawg, and artwork for The Lion, the Witch and the Wartortle was submitted by khlo_is_calling.

There were thousands of entries, and these are only a few of the awesome #PokemonBookTitles that the Twitter community came up with. One last Pokemon book title I found to be hilarious was a spin on the recently popular book and movie called The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. The Pokemon rendition, dubbed The Fault in our Staryus, was added to Twitter by the user mizkfreezy.

What Pokemon book titles have you come up with? Did you have any favorites that you came across? Share below!

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