The Virtuoso revealed – Riot changes the game with new champion Jhin

You've seen the Virtuoso's face - now see what he can do.

You've seen the Virtuoso's face - now see what he can do.

In a recent video, Riot teased the face of their newest champion, Jhin – and now they’ve released the info on his game-changing, never-before-seen ability.

We’ve known him by a few names.




We’ve been granted brief flashes, hints of what he can do before now. We’ve seen champions fall to his power, but had no idea how it happened – until now.

Jihn the Virtuoso is, as some have speculated, a marksman, though his play style is similar to that of an assassin. The slowest marksman yet, building attack speed and crit does not actually increase his attack speed or crit; instead, these stats increase his movement speed after a crit and increase his attack damage.

Additionally, every fourth attack is a guaranteed crit, thanks to his passive Whisper (a first in League of Legends without having to use other abilities or items) which synergizes well with the benefits he gets from his attack speed.

His fourth auto-attack in Whisper, as well as his ultimate, Curtain Call, are both executions – meaning that they deal increased damage based on how much missing health the target has. If the target is already near death, these attacks will finish them off. Those executions also give him a more assassin-like play style, making him a good choice for mid-lane or jungle.

Jhin the Virtuoso has a new ability that could be a game changer – a guaranteed crit.

What makes Jhin a virtuoso, however, is his appearance – it lends an artistic quality to the character. According to his creator, rioter Gypsylord, if he kills an enemy champion with his ultimate, a flower blooms where that champion dies, granting vision and dealing damage to other enemy champions in the area. 

We don’t yet know the Virtuoso’s story, and his appearance only adds to the mystery – the stylistic markings on his mask seem almost Ionian, but his poncho and guns have a Wild West flair. The hump on his shoulder and his metallic arm also inspire questions as to this strange champion’s history. Hopefully, Riot will let us in on the secret, soon.

Are you excited for Jhin’s release? How will you build him? Do you think his new ability will be as game-changing as it sounds? Let us know in the comments.

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