Face of new League of Legends champion Jhin revealed

After a series of haunting videos depicting the deaths of four popular champions, League of Legends fanatics finally get a glimpse of the killer's face.

It all begins with a shot in the dark, bright blue luminescence gleaming suddenly from the fallen Zed's mask, and branches strewn with flowers erupting from him.

Video by LoLeaks

Next to fall is Sona, a bullet to her throat. As she lies dying, the wound glows white, and her breath issues from her parted lips as smoke, the voiceless champion's power seemingly being drawn from her.

Video by TeddyBear87

Then mighty Garen is struck through the heart with a lance of ice that pierces his glorious armor; the Might of Demacia is no more.

Video by MMO24.pl

Last to fall is Vi, her back torn by fire, the shot that brings her death freeing the Piltover Enforcer from her indomitable hextech gloves.

Video by LoLeaks

Who is this deadeye assassin, shooting from the shadows, laying low those powerful warriors that so often dealt death themselves on the battlefield of Summoner's Rift?

For the first time, this new champion, tentatively known as Jhin, has stepped into the light, that we might see his finely carved mask. In a video entitled "Mind of the Virtuoso," Riot has teased League of Legends' latest upcoming champion after an artistic review of the deaths of each of his victims - beginning with Vi, the most recent, and ending with Zed, his first kill.

Video by League of Legends YouTube channel

So, what do we know about Jhin? 

Thus far, most of what we know is speculation. He's clearly intended to be some kind of assassin, but according to Riot-favored streamer Redmercy, his passive ability is going to be something previously unseen in League of Legends. He also has some interesting thoughts about the elemental nature of the champion assassinations.

According to the sub-Reddit for speculating on the new League of Legends champ, while the name is by no means official (and Riot has been known to mislead players before when it comes to hints dropped for upcoming champions), the name Jhin is confirmed by strings in a promo video file.

Riot loves to tease, and hints are dropped in the strangest of places.

The Reddit also suggests that the champion could be Ionian; this is likely based on the stylistic carvings in his mask, which seem similar to the designs in some clothing and weapons shown in previously released artwork depicting Ionia and its people.

There's still some time before this champion is released, and much more that can be speculated upon. Is the mask all we'll see of him, or will a face be revealed? Where does he come from, and what are his ties to the four he shot down? As usual, Riot isn't giving anything away - we'll have to wait and see.

Are you watching for this new champion? Excited to see what more may be teased? What do you think this mysterious new passive ability might be? Sound off in the comments.


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Published Jan. 8th 2016

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