Nightmare Of The Wolf features a different main character than the Netflix show.

The Witcher Animated Movie Focuses on This Important Character

Nightmare Of The Wolf features a different main character than the Netflix show.

Just last week, news broke that an animated Witcher movie is coming to Netflix as a companion to the service’s new TV series. Today we’ve got more juicy details on what to expect, and it appears that tricky Law Of Surprise is causing all sorts of shenanigans once again.

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According to a tweet from the official Witcher series Twitter account, Nightmare Of The Wolf goes into the past and revolves around Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir. 

Fan speculation is already running rampant, with some postulating that Mark Hamill will tackle the role as a voice actor. He has previously expressed interest in playing Vesemir in the Netflix live-action series. 

At this point, though, we have no official news about the film’s casting, other than animation is being handled by Studio Mir (Voltron: Legendary Defender, The Legend of Korra). 

On the live-action front, a recent quarterly earnings video update from Netflix indicated we are likely to get at least three — and likely more — seasons of The Witcher in the coming years.

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