How to Use the Crossbow in The Witcher 3

Useful for stunning flying enemies or fighting underwater, The Witcher 3 crossbow can't be accessed like most other weapons and requires an extra step to use.

Between finally hitting the Nintendo Switch and the success of the Netflix series adaptation, it shouldn't be surprising that The Witcher 3 is seeing a major resurgence. If you've come back to the game lately (or are jumping in for the very first time), you might be wondering how to use the crossbow.

Geralt doesn't use this ranged weapon in the same way others might, so it takes a little effort to use The Witcher 3 crossbow properly. Simply equipping the crossbow won't make it appear like other weapons. You need to use the quick item wheel to equip the crossbow instead.

How to Equip the Crossbow in The Witcher 3

Access the inventory in the main menu and place the crossbow in the ranged weapon slot like you would any other piece of equipment.

Now exit the menu and access your spell/weapon wheel by pressing "Tab" on PC or "L1" on PS4 or Xbox One.

Go through the options and select the crossbow. Set it as your currently equipped quick item.

When you want to use the crossbow, press and hold the quick item use button, which is set to "Middle Mouse" by default on PC or "R1" on console. This enters the aiming mode and finally lets you use your crossbow.

Simply release the Middle Mouse or R1 button to fire the crossbow wherever you are currently aiming.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the crossbow isn't a good primary weapon. It's much weaker than swords and not much use for sniping.

There are two exceptions: the crossbow is very helpful in underwater combat, and it can be used to stun flying enemies, forcing them down into a melee fight.

Have you found any other great places to use the crossbow in The Witcher 3? Sound off with your tips below, and check out the rest of our Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt guides here.

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Published Jan. 6th 2020

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