Turkey to Ban Minecraft

Minecraft the newest Violent game on the market?
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For as long as games have been around there has been a debate on how violent games affect children.  According to Fox News the Turkey Family and Social Ministry considers Minecraft to be a violent game and wants to ban it in Turkey.

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Minecraft allows the player to design anything they can imagine to get to the next area.  In some cases they need to survive in order to advance, it is that part the Ministry believes to be the downfall of the game.  The players need to kill off creatures to survive and the Ministry believes its hard for children to understand the difference between real life and the game life.

The website debate.org ran a poll on the question “Is Minecraft a violent game?” and it was a close call.  58% percent of those polled believed it to be not violent but that leaves 42% who believe that it was.  That definitely raises the question about the game. 

So what do you think is Minecraft violent?

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