Soar like an eagle, act like a werewolf, and explore deep space in Ubisoft's upcoming VR titles.

Ubisoft unveils three games in VR lineup

Soar like an eagle, act like a werewolf, and explore deep space in Ubisoft's upcoming VR titles.
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The next few months will be packed with virtual reality from Ubisoft. The developing company revealed its upcoming VR lineup at Gamescom last week, showcasing titles like Eagle Flight, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and Werewolves Within.

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Eagle Flight allows players to soar through the skies of a post-apocalyptic Paris from the perspective of the titular bird. The game was developed by FunHouse and is playable in single and multiplayer modes, the latter of which allows players to defend territory in aerial combat.

The game will be released to Oculus Rift October 18, PlayStationVR November 8 and HTC Vive December 20

Players will command the U.S.S. Aegis starship in Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The game was designed specifically for VR to allow players to immerse themselves in the unique Star Trek universe. The player is sent to explore an unexplored area of space known as The Trench, where all of the player’s choices will have an impact.

The game will be released to all three VR stations November 29.

Protect the village and discover the true werewolf with Werewolf Within. The multiplayer games assigns each of the 5-8 players a special role as they vote who to kill in their quest to eliminate werewolves from the medieval village. Similar to the card game One Night Ultimate Werewolf, the game will submerge players in the virtual village as they try to survive the vote, and the night.

Werewolf Within will be released to all major VR stations December 6.

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