Uncharted 4 multiplayer revealed, beta coming soon

Unique maps, cool sidekicks, and mystical items to harness some supernatural powers. Beta opens in December.
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Uncharted 4‘s release date is crawling up on us, and as we wait, we get more teasers. This time, it’s for a multiplayer feature, and the gang’s all here.

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With a closer look coming during Paris Games Week, we’ve already gotten to see a cinematic teaser of our favorite characters facing a series of cinematic, interwoven fire fights 7 years after Drake’s retirement.

Fans get to check out the characters, environments, and more, along with the ability to sign up for access to a multiplayer beta, codes received with each pre-order.

The Gang

Among characters shown are all the popular ones you can’t have an Uncharted multiplayer without: Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, and Chloe Frazer, among others. 

These characters interact and team up for fights. Devs call this the Sidekicks feature. You pick one other character that will fight alongside you as an NPC. They’ll track enemies, heal and revive allies, and provide a backup offensive. 


Potential maps look like they feature the jungle, ruins, cities, villages, and even some underground areas. These rich maps reportedly “reward exploration, strategy, and teamwork” in order to immerse players in the game.

As for what maps we’ll specifically see and where they will take place, we’ll have to wait for the final product or further announcements as the release date draws near.


Similar to the rest of the series, there appear to be various arms and otherwise, including additional items like grenades. 

In addition to that, characters are have special abilities, including your standard climbing and stealth. However, a new feature announced is the grappling hookThis puts the player at the advantage to take out enemies from above.


The lore and history of the series is playing a big role, too.The teaser video features references to previous Uncharted games, but how far does it go? Well, hold on to your seats, folks.

With the introduction of mysticals, you can use the big items from previous games to wield the power of the supernatural and find an upper hand in battle. Included are:

  • El Dorado’s cursed sarcophagus
  • Shambala’s Chintamani Stone
  • The Lost City of Ubar’s fiery Djinn
Special Editions with Exclusive Content

Certain editions of Uncharted 4 will grant you special unlockable items for the multiplayer features. Notable ones are as follows:

Libertalia Collector’s Edition

On top of including a special case, a statue, and an art book (among other things), you can get the following unlockables for multiplayer:

Two EXCLUSIVE instant multiplayer unlocks: 

  • Madagascar Sidekick Outfits
  • Henry Avery Sigil Ball Cap

Five additional instant multiplayer unlocks:

  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Outfit
  • Heist Drake Outfit
  • Desert Drake Outfit
  • Golden Weapon Skin
  • Desert Weapon Skin
  • Naughty Dog Points to unlock more multiplayer content
Digital Deluxe Edition

This includes a triple pack. One is a single-player add-on, but otherwise you’ll also receive two multiplayer packs that will unlock new content and the ability to unlock two multiplayer items.

Pre-order either of these editions or Uncharted 4 the regular edition right here.


Naughty Dog will be opening up a beta session between December 4-13th. To get the first access to the multiplayer, make sure to sign up for a beta access code today by pre-ordering your copy of Uncharted 4.

Gamers with codes will have special, exclusive access to the multiplayer game. All you need is a Sony Entertainment Network account, an active PlayStation Plus subscription, and internet. 

Uncharted 4 releases March 18, 2016.

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