Veteran Microsoft Marketers Resign Days Before Xbox One Releases

Two veteran marketers with a decade each of experience working with Microsoft have resigned days before Xbox One comes out. The turbulent times behind Microsoft's closed doors have clearly not settled.
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The Xbox One has had a rocky road leading from its announcement to release.  We are finally within days of the next-gen console hitting the open market, so aside from distribution issues, one would hope it was smooth sailing at least until the console was released.  One would be wrong.  Two long-time veterans of Microsoft, marketers with what Twitter notes as 10-12 years of experience, have reportedly resigned this morning.

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Resignations are hardly an uncommon occurrence, even amongst employees who have worked for so long in one place.  Multiple such resignations within mere days of such an event as Xbox One’s official release is a bit more worth noticing, particularly given the colorful history Microsoft has had with both its public relations and its investors since the new console was announced.

The company has not seemed to have its head on straight on many issues, from openly talking about possibly selling off its console to offering the same vague and disclaimer-ridden reassurances we have all heard before from companies we know not to trust.

Why these marketers resigned and what their leaving might portend for the future of both Microsoft and the gaming industry itself will hopefully become clear soon.

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