Wait, How is Flappy Bert Educational?

Oh look, another spin-off...but why is Bert better than Ernie? Can't we get a Flappy Ernie, too?
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May as well take advantage of the craze, right?

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Even though the game’s creator has removed the “too addictive” Flappy Bird from the App store, a slew of spin-offs have been popping up. The latest is Flappy Bert, a new Flash game that you can play over at the Sesame Workshop website.

Obviously, the game is named after the iconic Sesame Street character, of the famous Bert and Ernie duo. You must guide Bert through a series of pipes and when you smack into one, Bert issues a particularly loud and annoying “Ernie!” and collapses. Yeah, that’s enough to kill him; he’s just a puppet, after all.

The weird part is that it’s part of the Sesame Workshop, which is a nonprofit educational organization that hopes to utilize the “educational power” of modern-day media. I’m just confused as to how Flappy Bert is even remotely educational. The Flappy Bird inventor took down the game because he thought it was negatively impacting people’s lives; i.e., it was just too addictive.

So, this education-oriented group makes a spin-off? …why? What’s that do for a kid’s education? I mean, unless you’re saying it’s teaching some sort of dexterity. Either that, or you’re trying to teach kids that even the most annoyingly frustrating games can be fun…as ridiculous as that sounds.

Either way, this “Flappy” insanity has to end.

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