Rumors are buzzing that Blizzard will release Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch.

Will Blizzard Release Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch?

Rumors are buzzing that Blizzard will release Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch.
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Gamers everywhere are anticipating some exciting news to be revealed at Blizzcon 2017 in November.

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While many are wondering if Blizzard will announce Diablo 4 or StarCraft 3, some fans think there’s a chance that we will hear news that some of Blizzard’s games will be released for Nintendo Switch. The rumors are founded in the idea that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the free online card game, is a great candidate for the Nintendo Switch console. Since the Switch has a touch screen, some believe it would be a better fit for the console than to would be for PS4 or Xbox One.

Hearthstone Senior Game Designer Mike Donais was quoted by Express Online as saying:

I personally haven’t talked about it, but I’m more focused on card design. Hearthstone is available on iPads and phones, so it’s a good discussion worth having.

Though Donais’ statements don’t seem very promising, Hearthstone fans who want a Nintendo Switch version of the game are clinging to the possibility that Blizzard may surprise everyone at Blizzcon come November. Many believe that the convention’s return to Anaheim, California, is a sign that big news is coming for Blizzard fans everywhere.

Still, some doubt that the Switch will provide a big enough audience to justify Blizzard creating a Hearthstone port for the console. To support that, Blizzard does have a tendency to publish games on consoles that are more well-established and easy to use. 

If the Switch gains a large enough following and proves not to be a fad, Hearthstone for the Switch may not be out of the question.

According to a post on Reddit, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said he really enjoys the Switch. On top of that Kaplan said that though it may pose challenges, Blizzard is open minded about releasing their games on new platforms.

“We’re always open minded about exploring possible platforms,” Kaplan said.

Blizzcon is quite a ways away, so there’s no doubt that we’ll hear more on the matter in the next few months. Only time will tell if the Blizzard card game makes it to Nintendo’s newest console. 

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