Yandere Simulator is out with a brand new update which brings a new aspect of the game into play.

Yandere Simulator update adds Atmosphere and Customization

Yandere Simulator is out with a brand new update which brings a new aspect of the game into play.
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Yesterday, the ever-so-loved sandbox build Yandere Simulator got an update, so I took it upon myself to dig deep into the game to see everything that is new.

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The first thing to note is that when you open the game the opening screen now says that the game is 11% complete instead of 10%.

There was a mini update that allowed you to change how your senpai looks; now, you can also choose from a small variety of different uniforms for both male and female students.

After the cutscene, you arrive at the usual week screen. Now there is a sun with 100% on it. This is the school’s overall atmosphere. 

Another new feature to note is that students will now scream when you kill them, or if they witness you killing someone. This is just a small detail but makes the game more ‘real’ than before.

Another new feature is that when you kill someone you must go to the school bath house to bathe and get a clean outfit from your locker instead of changing into the new uniform next to the furnace. This means you can kill twice without running out of clean clothes and getting caught by police.

If students find a dead body, see you kill someone or see that someone has disappeared without a trace, the school atmosphere slowly begins to fall. This makes students more alert of their surrounds and longer sight ranges, they also react to you holding weapons faster.

As shown in the picture above, the school atmosphere is at 0% meaning that the students know there is a killer among them and they look left and right almost like security cameras. The lower your school’s atmosphere the more alert and frightened the students and even teacher become.

And that does it for the new Yandere Simulator update. The developer posted on the game’s official site that the next update should hopefully be available between September 15th and October 1st, so be sure to stay tuned for the next update.

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