Pre-order Fable Legends two soundtracks for release on March 3rd.

You can now pre-order two separate Fable Legends soundtracks

Pre-order Fable Legends two soundtracks for release on March 3rd.
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Lionhead Studios is set to release two whole soundtracks for the new game Fable Legends

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Russell Shaw, who has worked on all the Fable series soundtracks, has composed over 3 hours of music. 

Fable Legends: The Rosewood is a whopping 31 track composition with a flair for the adventurous side of the games. And it’s counter-part, Fable Legends: A Tale of Two Sides, is more focused on following the combat-based music.

A Tale of Two Sides is a direct reference to the new game feature where you can play on either side of the battle. You can be the evil villain who makes the hero’s work for their victory, or in a band of heroes.

You can even get a sneak peak at one of the tracks on the Fable Legends official website. The track they show is reminiscent of Fable 2 with the music box and flurry of recognizable notes. However, it does give the feel of a new game. 

And Fable Legends is looking to be a completely different game from any other in the fantasy series. While some of us may have hoped for a Fable 4, Lionhead has stopped such thinking. 

It must be quite the undertaking for the sole focus. Having two soundtracks makes a lot more sense when considering how large this project must be.

Both albums are available for pre-order and will be released on March 3rd, 2016. 

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