Monster Rancher 2 Celebratory Tweets Tease New Game

Monster Rancher 2 is 20 years old today, and tweets from the series' new Twitter account offer kind words and a tease that a new game may be in the works.

The folks over at Koei Tecmo have created a Japanese Twitter account for the Monster-raising and fighting sim series Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in Japan). While the first tweets from the account are in celebration of Monster Rancher 2's 20th anniversary, they also indicate that the series may be making its return.

The current tweets from the official Monster Farm Twitter don't directly confirm that something is in the works, but they do offer a tease. Rancher assistant Colt makes her return in the tweets, and they both have tags indicating it's Monster Rancher 2's 20th anniversary.

I've translated them lazily and will let you be the judge of what they might mean for the future:

Whew... can you believe it?
It's already been 20 years since we started working together!

Really, thank you so much for everything.
And now, it's goodbye...

Just kidding
Let's keep it up!

If Monster Rancher comes back in this day and age, we may get it as a mobile game rather than a full-blown title. There's always the possibility of it just staying in Japan, too.

I, for one, would welcome any sort of new entry to the series, gacha or otherwise. Koei Tecmo themselves have been dipping its toes into the mobile market these days, particularly with Romance of the Three Kingdoms titles. It's most likely that a new Monster Rancher would be a mobile game, all things considered.

Don't take this as an official announcement just yet, though. These new images of Colt and Mocchi are a blast from the past, but a new Twitter account and celebratory tweets are not confirmation of a new title. We'll just have to wait and see whether Koei Tecmo decides to turn this reference into a revival.

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Published Feb. 25th 2019

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