Best Cheap PC Gaming Mice for Any Budget in 2017

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS

Current Price: $47.50

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There are several different versions of the Corsair M65 floating around the various electronics sites, all with slightly different specs. In terms of price point meeting features, this is the one you want. It comes packed with backlit LEDs and 12,000 DPI.

Everything about this mouse screams "buy me for FPS glory!" -- from its weight distribution to the sniper mode button directly next to your thumb, which is really the big draw. This mode lowers the DPI while zoomed in with a gun for better tracking, then ups the DPI again when you zoom out so you can go back to twitchy movements.

It's also a bit bigger than the Razer mice, so if you want high end but don't want something tiny, this is your mouse.

Published Aug. 17th 2017

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