Blade & Soul - No English Release but Three Other Versions Coming in 2014

Blade & Soul is heading to three more territories this year, and none of them use English.

When was the last time we officially heard any news from NCSoft on Blade & Soul in North America? December 5th, 2012. It's 2014 now, and as the dramatic action MMO reaches other territories one thing is clear: An English release in 2014 is highly unlikely.

NCSoft recently released their 2013 earnings report, along with their Q4 2013 conference call. The earnings report shows Lineage, Guild Wars 2, and Aion as their top earners; the conference call reveals Blade & Soul is heading specifically to Japan, Taiwan, and Russia this year -- with no other territories listed.

The release of Blade & Soul in Japan and Taiwan is no secret, but the Russian release is a bit of fresh news. All three are mentioned to be based on the current Chinese build of the game. It is unlikely releases outside of China will carry over its fatigue system.

Western release unlikely

The question that arises is: Could Russia be a more profitable market for NCSoft than North America and Europe? Judging from their earnings reports from 2013 and 2012, it very well may be. It wouldn't be hard to make more than their North American branch does sans Guild Wars 2.

NCSoft (NCWest in North America) has a long history of their localized Korean games just not doing well in the West. With the company's primary focus being on Wildstar's launch for 2014, they may choose to skip localizing the niche Blade & Soul for the West altogether.

Anyone who has played the game for more than a few weeks can understand why NCSoft is pensive to release Blade & Soul to an English audience. Blade & Soul's evolution system makes gear grind an all-game affair. Not only that, but the world feels small despite the qing gong abilities and questing brings nothing new to the table.

While the above can be disappointing, the game makes up for this in sleek combat, beautiful visuals, fast-paced PvP, and an engrossing wuxia-style story. Unfortunately that would probably not be enough to hold your average North American nor European gamer.

This event not included in list of good things about the game.

To top all of the above off, simply translating the game would be a lengthy and costly affair. The amount of text (due to NPC dialogues) and voice acting is borderline excessive. NCSoft may not be able to afford that expense on a gamble.

In short, Blade & Soul NA and EU were dead before they even began.

It's disappointing as someone hoping for an official localization, but the game's releases in other regions are something to look forward to. It is likely the Russian and Taiwan servers will be as easy to get into as the Chinese servers, and the Russian servers will very likely have much better international ping than their Chinese counterpart.

No matter which version of Blade & Soul you play now or intend to play later, 2014 is an exciting year as it expands into China, Japan, Taiwan, and Russia and even receives its own anime series. It's just not exciting if you are holding onto hope for an English release.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017
  • Yoshi_5948
    NCSoft did big shit there with Blade & Soul.
    They could at least remove their B&S news page.. so no one has to have false hopes.
    I was waiting more than 7 years. I was waiting way too long.
    I had hopes for this game. I told myself so many times 'This game will be a thing, and it'll be the game I'll stick to forever'
    Well, I'm dissapointed. Not only me. I bet everyone who had hopes for this awesome game is dissapointed.
    NCSoft? More like NCSuck.

    I lost faith in any of their games, sadly.
  • Wow_6382
    Amazing tho waiting all this long timejust to be disappointed ....
  • Mike Richter
    There is NO EXCUSE for these con artists at NC to do this to people waiting here in the US. My lord...5 yrs so far to my recollection, they have been promising B&S to be released. GW2 was a disappointment big time! Regardless, I dont care about wildstar of any other of their garbage. Korea ought to be thankful we let them yrs ago have the tech to make it what it is now, and that we still support them. Thankless blue-blooded oriental trash!! NC, you failed, period.
  • Blackfeet_1182
    Forget this game, Black Desert is miles better. Unlike Blade and Soul, Black desert announced their western publisher while the game was still in closed beta. They even began translating their game before they found a publisher. Play Black Desert and reward a game that actually cares about their players.
  • give up
    been waiting on this for long time to become English even tried with the foreign language but u can only get so far without understanding whats going on. Now the beta to Archeage is almost complete and i only heard about that game last year i've watched videos and even played the alpha/beta and it has yet to disappoint cant wait for its release XD
  • hello_3991
    doesn't matter since black desert online is coming to us woot
  • Jodertio_2336
    Ncsoft they r just a bunch of lazys MFS. In GW2 since the beginning people using programs to farm and these fuckers didn't do anything about it. Just banning people like crazy with no reason at all. and the ones farming still playing with their acc.
  • meh123
    doesn't really matter, by the time this fools try to launch a NA server everquest next will be out... so fk all the others mmorpgs tbh this game will lead the next gen of mmos
  • Robert_1320
    Too bad NcSoft doesn't like Western themed titles. City of Heroes had to many American heroes in it and they probably didn't like that for their Asian customers.
  • Robert_1320
    City of Heroes was way better.
  • MonkeyWithaTie
    The problem is the western market needs to get over its grind-o-phobia.
  • Jean Guevara
    Guys, Blade and Soul comes to US and EU only nite a little of patience ok, the administrators of the page says what the game will be create later because of US and EU server comes the same day and they will create more events and things because US and EU have very merchant in the mmorpg, the game comes in US, EU, FR and Heatler the sames latinos play the server US is more merchant for the creators of this game. xD and donĀ“t worry the game dont have block of IP and have patch in English in the server Japanese :)
  • Hezrou_7986
    sad to see that NA can't get the localization on the grounds that "we're lazy" as a lump of why we can't have it. Stupid kids and their "such a grindfest" mentality....why play MMOs at all then?
  • Alex_5198
    Too bad the U.S. Dollar is worth more than Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yin. Rofl. Seems to me that they are missing out on a lot of money. Since almost everyone of my friends want to play this game too.
  • Logan_7653
    How come both B&S and Black Desert decided to do a Russian release before NA/EU? I just don't get it... It makes no sense with how economically unstable Russia is. Is there some Korean insider knowledge they know about? Is it just THAT much easier to translate korean to russian?
  • Zeolit
    Haha, don't even bother. This game won't be released in EU / US anytime soon. With that been said. Let me tell you what I did. The Russian version of the server, I can tell you it's pretty damn awesome. and the ping isn't really that high, considering i'm playing from Romania. I also have an english patch, that makes everything written inside the game in english, there's also some english based people around there. So if you wanna play BnS, go for the Russian server, it's pretty damn good i'll tell you that. And it's in english, if you use the patch. However the vocals are in jap. I think.
    the years 2029 this game will hit US lolz feel sorry ass for u guys lolz fuck face :D
  • TheLynWithin
    I heard China server is easier to get into, but youll have to deal with the high if if your on the east of US, if your on EU or west of NA your ping are likely lower and more playable then how i have it since i live in NYC. I got my account easily since my friend still has a Chinese SSN or what ever its call =P Fun completely free to play no lie. Weapons dont change instead it evolves, meaning you stick with the same unique weapon that you get at level 6 from the spin wheel. Love the game.
  • akatsuki.kero
    what I can say it's about this game, B&S is the first game that drag alot west players in, but ncsoft didn't notice that and decided drop it due to aion and tera failed. well each business involved with risk, there isn't 100% rate for sucess, I didn't play aion and tera, no gw2 and wildstar either, because they are bloody similar, too much western style, black desert, archage also has too much west elements, I have played 5 years WOW, and that's it, I have no interest in others mmorpg at all, because no matter what, they are all same, tank/dps/healer whatever all came from WOW, combat system changed to non-target/target, don't care, it's still a fight, lose and win. dungeon PVE all bloody same, hard or easy, purple or blue or may be orange gears? All the fuking mmorpg are in the boundary, I admit that many more mmorpg has imporved or changed, but their CORE are same forever.

    About why I am choosing this fool B&S, only one reason - the ART, may be the kung-fu style of B&S much better than other martial art mmorpg, but as I said all mmorpg are bloody same, by the end, players always lose money. but I would like lose money to B&S due to the beautiful customise character and dazzling fashion dressing, the art work of character in B&S is the only reason that I want to play and pay for it.

    Unfortunately, Kim Hyung Tae the former art director has left ncsoft in Jan 2014, Mr Kim is famed and legendary artist who has worked on Blade & Soul for 8 years, he is also a member of bloodlust team (the team developed B&S and it's a branch of ncsoft), without Mr Kim, B&S just another normal mmorpg, may attract attention of nobody, you can compare 2012 and 2013 christmas special cloth, and see the huge different. Also after Mr Kim left the fashion dropped in new dungeon, it's a copy of AION, it's no longer kung-fu style, so ugly so unbelievable.

    Futhermore in Feb 2014, B&S game story writer also resigned, which mean B&S probably end of develop, currently, no matter KR or CN server, they sell epic or legendary items in item mall like crazy, the price is skyhigh, you will need like spend hundred to thousand usd for a decent gear, you can still farm in game, but special item can only get from gamble box which sold in item mall. korean player spent like over 10 thousand usd, and chinese player even more, new japanese server hasn't started yet, but soon after new patch, update, it will be same. taiwan and russia server will also same as chinese as ncsoft said based on the current chinese build of the game. what a shame.

    so for this bloody game, I think once ncsoft couldn't earn anymore in Asia, it will turn to Western, 2015 for sure, B&S still popular in Asia but most players already notice that the gamble system of the game and stop buying item from item mall, no wonder team bloodlust left ncsoft, they did right decision.
  • dre lamar
    and the fuckers stop city of heroes for this shit,smh plaync
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